Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teaser #5

This one, to me, was the most interesting to mix.  In my head, it was not looking that great.  But in the bottle, I really liked it.  (And I am not usually a fan of either color in this polish.)

This one is pigmented with a dark yellow and the glitter is brown.  On my finger the other day, I caught site of it in a mirror.  It almost looked like cheetah or leopard print when I just glanced at it.

Remember, if you think you know the name of the new collection, or a polish, email me at:
Answers MUST be emailed to me, not left in comments on the blog or FB.

If you guess correctly and are the first to email your answer, you will get to choose a free bottle from the new collection, your choice of color.

Just a note:  ALL of these are from the same movie or television show or song/band.

Only one more teaser to go!  Check back tomorrow to see the last one.  And if no one guesses after this one and the last, I will announce the names and collection name before the weekend!

Until tomorrow!


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