Friday, May 11, 2012

*grumble* I hate this house *grumble*

We seem to have had a great start to the weekend.(sarcasm)

This morning, I walked outside into the garage to work on the bench for the kitchen and noticed water on the ground.  Then I looked up.  And almost died.

There was a bubble hanging... it's was paint.  Paint bubble holding WATER that was leaking everywhere.  Stupid flange under the toilet cracked and has been leaking tank water for who knows how long.  The insulation is shot, my husband had to rip out a huge section of the ceiling out there, rip out the toilet in the bathroom.... ugh. 

What's worse?  We just finished that garage off less than 2 years ago.  For 3 weeks, we sanded and mudded the walls and then painted it all.  And now, a large section is screwed and has to be redone.

And the bathroom?  We JUST redid the bathroom back in August.  The whole thing.  Gutted the bathroom and started over again.  And now the toilet is out again and some tile got messed up a little.

Will it ever end???  We had to send the kids to grandpa this weekend so that we can get it all fixed without distractions.

Sooooo, no making anything new this weekend.  If a polish in the Clue collection sells out, it may be Monday or Tuesday before I can get more made.  And anything ordered right now, ships Monday.

If you need me, I'll be in the garage swearing like a sailor and asking over and over again, "why?!?".  Because with this place, it's ALWAYS "why?!?".



  1. Ugh I feel your pain :( Our bedroom bathroom floor has to be redone because our toilet is leaking too.The floor is so swelled the door won't shut.And what makes it even worse is it smells like human pee :( And on top of that our tree in the front yard is split almost in half and is being held together by a chain until tomorrow.And my husband just bought a motor for his boat and the guy he bought it from said it worked like a dream but when he got it home it wouldnt start.All the wires and all that were melted and a bunch of other stuff was wrong with it.I guess it's just that time of year, if it could go wrong it probably will lol.Sometimes I just wanna hide under a rock and yell "Nail polish take me away" haha. Keep your head up it will get better :)

  2. It seems like it's always one thing after another here. They built too many at one time back in the early 80's... quantity, not quality. And it shows. Every time we turn around, something else needs to be replaced. It's not just needed maintenance... it's shotty work finally breaking down.

    And on top of that, the barn structure on the back of the garage is dying. LOL. It wasn't ever braced properly and is now pulling away from the house and sliding off it's bases. My husband has been tearing it all down to start over. Sad thing? We finished it off on the inside at the same time as the garage. It totally sucks to see all of our hard work having to be ripped out and tossed and start over.

    Oh, and the deck? Death trap. We have to tear it down this summer and start over. Fun times.

    Hence, WHY I am trying to make polishes that people love and want to buy. It's not a hobby... it's keeping our house standing. :)