Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reel Brides bottle shots and swatch sticks

Hey there, lacquerheads!  I hope everyone is having a great week.  I am totally screwed up on my days since the kids were out of school on Monday.  It's like I am constantly running a day behind.

So, are you ready to see some shots of the new collection?

The Reel Brides:

A silvery, blue pigmented base with tiny silver glitters.  It is based off of the dress that Buttercup is wearing for her wedding in the movie Princess Bride.

1 coat of Buttercup on the left stick, 2 coats on the right

This is a pure glitter polish.  A glitter-bomb, if you will.  It's 2 different shades of pink to go along with Shelby from the movie Steel Magnolias.  Remember?  Blush and bashful?  Pink was her 'signature color'.

I think my favorite wedding movie EVER is My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Seriously.  I could watch it everyday.  As a matter of fact, it was on the day I got married and I was watching it while getting ready.  (Helped smooth some of the nerves.  LOL)
Toula is a bright blue base with multiple shades of blue glitter and some silver glitter to add sparkle.  With her family being sooo Greek, there was an abundance of blue in that movie.  I thought this polish captured the spirit of it... and pays tribute to the best cure ever:  put some Windex on it.  :)

1 coat of Toula on the left stick, 2 on the right

Toula is the only polish that I have had a chance to swatch so far.  But I will get swatches of Buttercup and Shelby before the polishes go into the Etsy shop.  I sent a bottles to 3 of my favorite bloggers and I hope they can find some time to swatch them before the listings are active.

Here's my swatch, and please remember that I used my hands a LOT when staining and totally neglected my cuticles.  It's a process and pain to get them back in shape:

Sooooo, what do you think?  Thoughts?  No one ever says much when they see new collections online.  I see people clicking 'like' on so many indie polish FB pages but no one ever comments much.  These are made for all of YOU so what do YOU think?  :)

The Reel Brides will be in the shop just as soon as the new bottles get here, in the next week or so.



  1. I so RARELY like pink polishes, but I LOVE Shelby - even more so now that I know it's based on a character from one of my favorite tearjerkers! Buttercup is beautiful, too, as is Toula. Hng, basically, all your polishes are amazing!

    1. Thank you so much!

      Yeah, I don't watch Magnolias without tissue.

  2. Oo, Buttercup looks nice. Very ice queen looking and different from the standard glitter heavy indie polish. The collection looks great!

    1. Thanks, Kris! I wanted that one to be a little more, maybe, classic? Something one could wear at or in an actual wedding. It looks so much better in person.

  3. I think these are gorgeous <3 Toula looks amazing, even if blue's not really my thing :)

    1. Thanks! I love Toula but then, I love blue.