Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter Water Marble

I have become addicted to water marbling.  Now that I sort of have the hang of it, I am constantly trying to marble.  I have had a few dreams about it.  :)

This mani was from the night of my birthday, back on December 1.  I wanted to do something wintery, something blue since blue is my favorite color, but I wasn't able to break out the snowflakes yet figuring it would jinx us and we would get snow the next day.  The snow came exactly one week later.

For this marble, I used China Glaze Man Hunt, Platinum Silver, and Orly Snowcone.  I loved it so much, it's still on.  Although it started to chip and I really need to take it off now. 

I think this might be one of my favorite manis to date.  I was really surprised and happy with how the silver worked in the water.

Note about marbling:  I did that first one back in October for Halloween and it went really well.  But the next few attempts made me want to throw the water cup out the window.  It took talking it out with my husband to see the problem.  

During the first marble, our water softener was low on salt.  Before the next attempt, we added salt and the water in the house changed.  It mattered.

So, he got me a gallon of Filtered Water from the store and it worked wonders.  The polishes spread like they should.

What do you think?  Did any of you check out the Diva of water marble, Colette at My Simple Little Pleasures?  You really should if you want to try marbling.  She's a wizard!



  1. that turned out perfectly! I cannot do them for the life of me. They never turn out the right way :P

  2. Those are so lovely - and Colette was the reason for my fascination with water marble, not that I do it well at all, I am still struggling with it :D